Heroes Of Newerth Dev Blog: More Heroes, Content, UI Improvements


If you haven’t been paying close attention to Heroes of Newerth lately, it’s made great strides as one of competitive gaming’s best titles. With Heroes of Newerth 2.0 now deployed, there have been many improvements to gameplay balance and the user interface, as well as the introduction of the “Goblin Store,” a game lobby shop that allows players to purchase alternate hero avatars, new announcer sounds, various icons and more.

And today S2 Games — with the holidays out of the way — provided an update on more things coming, by way of Senior Designer Pu Liu. The most important, at least on the minds of players, is new hero production. Good news: there’s another on the way, “deep in development,” according to Liu. The next hero is called “Empath,” and will be a ranged intelligence support hero.

There’s more coming to the Goblin Store as well in the form of a new alternate hero avatar for Soul Reaper, who ”wants to ride a horse.”

The Goblin Store isn’t the only shop for Heroes of Newerth with an update on the way, either. The in-game shop players interact with to buy items during a match is set to see many improvements, including new search functionality, better item sorting, and a more robust “recommended items” feature that will help you along the item build paths for each hero as you level them up in a match.

And of course then there’s game balance. Mr. Liu promises that S2 Games will be taking a close look at all heroes within the game, based on feedback from the competitive community, and will be applying many balance tweaks down the line.



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