S2 Games Partners With Garena For SEA Operations

With the release of Heroes of Newerth approaching, S2 Games today announced their Southeast Asia partner for distribution, hosting and payment plans.  Garena will be handling the following countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines.  Interestingly, Garena has chosen to make the game Free to Play, not even needing to purchase a copy of the game, which means S2 Games will be restricting access to the international version of the game in these territories.

However, based on a post by Maliken, it looks like S2 Games will still be hosting the SEA servers that Garena players will utilize to play Heroes of Newerth.  Players who have already pre-purchased the game but live in one of the regions covered by Garena will receive special premium features for pre-purchasing, though it's now impossible to purchase the game if you fall under the territories covered by Garena.

In addition, Garena will offer special premium features and content for gold members.  Check out the announcement below for more details, or visit Garena to learn more about their service!


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