Heroes of Newerth Limited Open Beta Signups

Our friends at S2 Games sent us a heads up about Heroes of Newerth. They've opened up beta signups for the holidays for a special limited time open signup period, which is currently running and ends on December 25th, 2009.

For those of you that haven't been following the game, it's a new multiplayer online battle arena game developed in the spirit of Defense of the Ancients. While we've posted impressions of Heroes of Newerth in the past, the game has come quite a long ways since then.

It now boasts 60 heroes including many unique to HoN; three maps -- two of which are unique; a handful of new items not found in DotA; online stat-tracking and match information for all matches players have taken part in, and much more coming before release including matchmaking and replay downloads.

I encourage you to check out the game for yourself, especially if you're a fan of Defense of the Ancients. To do so, head over to the beta signup page and get started!


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