Flagship acknowledges player concerns

In an interesting move, Flagship have acknowledged many concerns with the subscription system and in game bugs and issues in a post on the Hellgate London forums.

The post, made by Lead CM Kaiser, went on to list a number of problems that players of Hellgate are familiar with and states the flagship and Ping0 will work to fix these issues as soon as possible.

Dear Customers,

We realize many of you are experiencing a variety of problems. We at Flagship and Ping0 are working hard to address these issues.

Our current top priorities are:

  • Resolving any remaining problems related to billing and subscriptions.
  • Fixing two known bugs which cause players to sometimes lose items (one related to dual focus/dual melee, and one related to loading issues).
  • Making improvements to memory usage in order to reduce "Memory Exhausted" crashes.
  • Fixing a known issue with the user interface which causes the application to lock up intermittently.* An issue which occasionally prevents characters from being able to load or switch instances.
  • General chat interface improvements. (Many improvements are in the works).
  • Random disconnects and lag.
  • Allowing higher resolution textures and models for other players.
  • Various known problems with being able to continue interrupted side quests.
  • Remnant quest items not getting destroyed and "clogging" up inventory.
  • Continued problems with saving / loading Engineer Drone items.
  • Invisible party members.
  • The nanoforge not correctly improving rare and better armors.
  • Getting stuck on collision.

Some of these are issues which will be fixed as soon as possible and go live in upcoming patches, some will be in our upcoming content patch, and others are issues on which we will make gradual improvements to on a continuous basis.

Of course we also have a more extensive bug list as well as lot of gene.


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