Hellgate London Patch 0.6

Flagship Studios have announced their plans for patch 0.6 of their current MMO title, Hellgate London.

Along with some interesting changes, Flagship are promising that this will see an end to numerous game-breaking bugs, including the infamous invisible group bug that was annoying many a player.

We’ve also made great strides on the Engineer Drone issue where items become unequipped. There are some cases where Drones (as well as players), will still have items unequip. The main cause of this is when players “ladder up” the equipment on their Character or Drone by using items with statistic bonuses. This results in the Character or Drone being able to use a better overall set of gear than they normally could, and thus causes issues if the items are not equipped in a specific order (or used at all). We’re continuing to work on this one, but it is better with this patch.

Along with this anouncement, Flagship have acknowledged the continuing problem with the memory usage of the client application and are continuing to explore this issue.

Current Patch 0.6 Patch Notes


  • Fixed a bug that caused group members to be invisible to other group members.
  • Fixed a texture memory leak that occurred when inspecting armor items. This will improve long-term memory usage, especially for players that frequently buy, sell, and analyze items.


  • Increased the number of players in global chat.
  • The chat window no longer overlaps the Crafter merchant UI panel.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the user from interacting with the chat panel via the mouse when the Buddy List or Guild Panel is open.
  • System messages are now displayed in all chat tabs.
  • The scroll bar on the Guild Panel should now function properly.


  • Items dropped in the world now have slightly lower overall feed requirements.
  • Analyzers now work as expected on stashed items.


  • Fixed a bug that caused items equipped on an Engineer Drone to be unequipped when the Engineer summoned the Drone after changing levels.

World Movement:

  • Fixed a bug that caused players to be randomly teleported under certain circumstances.

Work is well underway on patch 0.7, which will apparently address a few more bugs in preperation for the highly anticipated Patch 1 content patch.


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