Live IRC Developer Chat

The Hallgate London website is reporting that you will have the chance to speak to the development team about your worries and concerns as well as what you would like to see happen to the game in a live IRC chat.

The chat will take place a 4.00pm PST and you will be able to ask and say anything (with reason).

Channel: #FlagshipStudios

Howdy everyone! This Friday, December 7, we'll be doing a live IRC developer chat. It will start at 4PM PST, and you'll have a chance to talk directly with a number of us here at Flagship. You can ask questions, tell us your thoughts on the game, or say whatever you want (well, within reason ^_^). Below are the details.

Server: Channel: #FlagshipStudios

Two popular IRC clients you can use are mIRC (a personal favorite) and ChatZilla. Alternatively, ForTheGamers has a Java chat client you can use directly in a browser by clicking this link.

If you've never used IRC before, it's really easy. Under the connection settings just connect to "" (without the quotes), and then type "/join #FlagshipStudios" (again, no quotes). This will put you into the proper channel.

Once in, and the question bot has been unlocked, you can ask a question by typing "/msg DevBot XXX" with XXX being your question. We'll also have another channel set up where you can all just chat amongst yourselves.

We'll give you any updates as the day approaches. Thanks, and see you there!


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