Bungie Studios Says Goodbye to Halo With A Stunning Infographic

Bungie Studios might have passed the Halo torch onto their successors at 343 Industries, but they're not quite done yet. Over on, the studio has released a staggering infographic, loaded with some mind-blowing stats from Bungie's time with Halo.

Before we get to some of the stats themselves, a bit of backstory might be called for. Bungie Studios created the Halo franchise in 2001 and proceeded to see it through with a multitude of releases including the current iteration, Halo: Reach. Recently, however, Bungie sought independence from Microsoft in order to publish games with more freedom. Part of that deal, however, meant that Bungie had to leave all rights to Halo and future games to Microsoft, which they did over the course of the past year or so. 343 Industries is currently working on the next installment of the iconic franchise, Halo 4.

Before moving on completely, however, Bungie Studios has released the amazing infographic above (click to enlarge, or right-click and 'save link as...' to view in full resolution). Some of the amazing stats include:

  • 20,880,250,123 games played online.
  • 136,128,511,043 total kills recorded.
  • 123,611,766,794 minutes played in online multiplayer alone.
  • Halo: Reach averages 1.5 billion kills per month.
  • 235,882 years spent playing.
  • 12.8 trillion points earned playing Firefight mode.
According to Bungie, Halo fans have collectively played Halo long enough to have crossed the entire expanse of the Milky Way galaxy at the speed of light...and back.
Best luck to Bungie on their new project, which will be published by Activision (and hopefully be announced soon).


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