ArenaNet launches support forums for Guild Wars


It's a new age for Guild Wars players as ArenaNet has officially launched their new support forums to the Guild Wars playerbase! In the past, they had used the official wiki as a means of technical support, but with the launch of their new forums, that portion of the wiki will be phased out:

We have just launched Guild Wars Support Forums, an online resource for Guild Wars players who have technical issues, want to submit a bug report, or have problems with their account. Players will use their Guild Wars game account to register on these forums, which are currently only available in English. Keep in mind that these forums are for support-related issues only.

Players are urged to continue to use the existing ticketing system, but the forums are the best place to go to submit bug reports, technical issues and other support-related issues.

For more information regarding the support forum, they have listed some of the more frequently asked questions to help players with the transition from wiki to forums.

Feel free to stop by Guild Wars Guru to discuss the new support forums with the rest of the community.


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