Guild Wars Guru's GvG Tournament Winners

April 16th has passed and that means the Gold and Silver divisions for the 2011 Guru Championship Series Tournament have finally duked it out for top prizes from NVidia and Logitech!

Congratulations goes out to The Noname Squad [sqd] and South Central [cent] for taking home first place for the Silver and Gold divisions, respectively. If you missed the matches, they are still available on Guild Wars Guru's account.

Gold Division Winners

  • 1st Place South Central [cent]: NVidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti
  • 2nd Place Plus Hiding [og]
  • 3rd Place I Disposable Heroes I [DirT]

Silver Division Winners

Bronze Division Winners

Casual Division Winners

  • 1st Place Shinigami Demons [kami]: Bigfoot Killer 2100
  • 2nd Place Wanted By The Law For Keepin It [Raw]
  • 3rd Place Us Are Not [leet]


For more information on the tournament or Guild Wars, head on over to Guild Wars Guru!



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