State of the Game - Position and Movement

Adam Sundstrom has updated the Guildwars "State of the Game" pages with some information about how positioning and movement can make or break the outcome of combat.

>By Adam Sunstrom > >Positioning and movement of individual characters can mean the difference between breaking an enemy team and your own team falling apart. The overextension of one character can lead to an untimely demise, resulting in a temporary numbers imbalance and time wasted resurrecting the fallen character. In cases where two teams are otherwise equal, such a transient advantage often translates into a more permanent advantage, such as a morale boost. The following tips attempt to explain how to maximize individual and team positioning. > >Ground as a resource – A failure to understand and execute this concept can lead to lost matches and a decline on the GvG ladder. When you control a lot of ground in a GvG match, you gain the ability to manipulate and constrict enemy movement. For example, if you start dying in the enemy base, make the enemy take the lengthiest route possible to chase you out; this grants your fallen party members time to resurrect at the shrine so that the enemy does not outnumber you once they reach your base. > >If you control the flag stand and the time for a morale boost is approaching, push forward so you can delay, damage, and block their flag runner as long as possible. The longer you can hinder and delay the runner, the better your chance of gaining the morale boost. In fact, if you never stall the enemy runner, your own runner could fall behind in the flag running race, meaning less time supporting you at the flag stand with healing and other skills, and more time spent shuttling a flag back and forth. Many matches come to a pivotal point when one side's flag runner can afford to stay at the flag stand longer and force a numbers advantage. > >Staying alive is your own responsibility – Lots of people play as if their Monks are limitless wells of healing. This is a mistake. The Monks are there to save you from spikes and to give you greater margins, but ultimately the responsibility to stay alive falls on your shoulders. If you constantly position yourself in a way that allows the enemy team to unload tons of damage on you, your Monks will eventually run out of Energy and your whole team will crumble. When targeted by serious damage or when the enemy team begins to collapse on you, you must fall back, away from the source of the damage and towards your nearest safe haven, which is usually your Monk backline. Keep moving until the enemy switches targets and until your Health is at a level where you can't be easily spiked. Observe enemy movement and try to figure out how you can do your job most effectively while at the same time preventing them from spiking you. For instance, as a caster, you can sometimes use your spells while hiding behind a wall or around a corner. > > Read the rest here!


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