$100,000 Tournament Series Rules

With the June edition of the $100,000 Automated Tournament Series underway, ArenaNet has released a reminder about the rules of the Tournament series on the Guild Wars website.

Events Eligibility

  • All Guild Wars players and guilds who meet the eligibility requirements set forth herein are eligible to compete in this online tournament series. All Guild Wars guilds are eligible to compete in the $100,000 Tournament Series championships except those that include employees or contractors of NCsoft, ArenaNet, or each of their respective subsidiaries or affiliates or their advertising or promotion agencies, or those who are domiciled with any such person, or those who have been disqualified for other reasons (see below). This is a skill-based tournament based on each guild or individual's ability to defeat other guilds or individuals.
  • Individuals and guilds will be disqualified if they are banned from the game for any reason, including without limitation a violation of the Guild Wars User Agreement. If individual players are disqualified, the guild may also be disqualified.
  • ArenaNet reserves the right to reschedule and/or restart games and matches as needed. Such decisions will be announced and executed only by official ArenaNet personnel.
  • ArenaNet reserves the right to suspend or revoke a player's account without prior notice for any reason deemed necessary.


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