Guild Wars: Eye of the North FAQ, Video, and more!

The ArenaNet folks have put together a FAQ for common questions about Guild Wars: Eye of the North - the next and first true expansion for their popular game.

What will GW:EN offer me?

  • All-new content designed exclusively for your existing Guild Wars characters
  • 18 huge, multi-level dungeons to explore
  • Monuments commemorating your Guild Wars achievements that give access to special items and titles in Guild Wars 2
  • 150 new skills (50 of which are special, roleplaying-only skills) to use against your foes
  • 10 new Heroes to help in your adventures
  • 40 new armor sets suitable for the great heroes of the land
  • A first look at some of the exciting, playable races in Guild Wars 2
  • Numerous new items, weapons, and titles

You can check out the FAQ on the official Guild Wars website by clicking here. We've also added it to our Guild Wars wiki, found here.

In addition, we also have new Screenshots and Wallpapers available for the expansion in our Image Gallery, so head over and check them out!

Finally, we have a brand new video showing off some of the Guild Wars: Eye of the North dungeons, which you can access below.



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