State of the Game: 2007 in Review

Harold J. Chow is back with another State of the Game article for Guild Wars. Harold has contributed his views on the state of Guild Wars affairs for quite a while now, and this latest article takes a look back at 2007 for the game.

He kicks it off with thoughts on the Automated Tournaments and the last ladder reset, then goes on to comment on a plethora of various topics such as The Celestial Tournament, Heroes' Ascent, Skill balancing, and a whole lot more.

"Guild Wars saw a number of key skill balances in 2007 that altered builds and redefined professions. Ritualists, once thought of as strictly a bane on PvP due to their predominantly Spirit-spamming roles, found new life and acceptance thanks to buffs to Weapon Spells and nerfs to Spirits. Elementalist fire damage increased in potency. Assassins became capable of insane solo spikes—with and without daggers—only to have that capability toned way down. Mesmers gained the ability to interrupt Chants and Shouts, but lost some spike power with the nerfs to Spiritual Pain and Wastrel's Demise. Several skills had to meet the nerf bat before Soul Reaping underwent overhauls, and Necromancers emerged hindered by the loss of Energy flow from Spirit deaths and the lack of exploitable pet corpses but remained playable."

To read more, head over to the 2007 in Review State of the Game.


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