ArenaNet unveil Bonus Mission Pack

Guild Wars has seen yet another addition to its ever growing library of additional content with the release of a brand new Bonus Mission Pack for the hit MMO.

With the Mission Pack, players will experience four historical moments in the Guild Wars lore including the Battle of Jahai and the Tengu Wars. By completing the missions, players will be able to earn rewards including some of the best looking gear in the game!

The missions will play like previous Guild Wars additions, adding a similar length of gameplay, but will be managed through a players Quest Log. They are repeatable and designed for solo play only. You play as a historical figure dependent on the campaign at hand, which means you don't have to trudge through yet another leveling grind.

Gameplay Features

  • Gather unique rewards as you play a key figure in the Battle of Jahai and go up against Palawa Joko and his undead army.
  • Experience Cantha's turbulent past when you bear witness to events in the violent Tengu Wars.
  • Learn firsthand how the White Mantle rose to power in Kryta.
  • And, finally, discover what became of Gwen after the Charr invaded her home, and the Searing destroyed everything she'd ever known.

The new Mission Pack is available for $9.99 (£5.99) from the official Guild Wars store. If you want to read more about the latest additions, click here.


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