Guild Wars 2: Closed Beta Test Coverage

This weekend, Curse had the chance to participate in ArenaNet's latest closed beta test tailored explicitly for the press. Not only did we walk away with a ton of new and interesting footage, but we had a damn good time playing it. The game is gorgeous and having a full weekend worth of playtime on our belt, we can definitely say that we can't wait for this game to release.

The biggest thing to come out of this is all the new information on the guild system. However, despite it being the big thing to come from the beta this weekend, there's still a lot of new footage that Guild Wars 2 fans have yet to see, including mesmer PvE and PvP gameplay. Interest piqued yet? Well, you can view our full beta coverage over on Guild Wars 2 Guru. And if that isn't enough, you'll also find a compendium of all other press coverage complied by the Guru community.


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