Guild Wars 2: Console Port Discussed

Earlier today, NCsoft's conference call for the fourth quarter of 2011 was published for public consumption. During the call, the following comment was made:

"...You asked whether we could launch the console version together but realistically speaking, I don't think that it will be likely that we will be launching the console version together."

Now it's been known for a long time that ArenaNet has had a team looking into the possibility of a console port, but there has never been any confirmation regarding whether or not it would see the light of day. Still, even without confirmation, the little tidbit of information has gotten the community in a tizzy on its validity.

Martin Kerstein, Community Manager and Community Team Lead, had a few words to squelch the panicing crowd:

"I think "stay calm, don't panic" will become my new mantra.

"We stated multiple times in public that we have a small team working on a console version, but that we are fully dedicated to make the most kickass game for PC (I think the official statement did not use the word kickass, in case someone wants to semantically disect my post ;))."

Confirmation? No, not really. But it still leaves the possibility of a console port happening at some point in the future.


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