Guild Wars 2: Frequently Asked Questions about the Engineer

Since the day the engineer was revealed as the seventh profession for Guild Wars 2, there has been a lot of debate regarding the mechanics and utility of the profession and how they fit within the lore of the Guild Wars franchise. ArenaNet listened quietly as the wars raged on the forums (that and they had a video contest to judge) and waited patiently before diving into the discussion. Yesterday evening they did just that by publishing a FAQ for the engineer in hopes of quelling some of the bigger questions from the community. Here's an excerpt:

Q: Given the engineer’s focus on technology, the profession doesn’t seem to fit within a traditional fantasy setting. Do you feel that the engineer’s mines and grenades and turrets seem out of place in a world of dragons, magic, and swordplay?

A: Since 250 years have passed since the original Guild Wars, technology has advanced a great deal, and we wanted the engineer to personify this progress. And frankly, we didn’t want to feel constrained by typical conventions as to what is or is not acceptable in a fantasy story. Still, the technological revolution represented by the engineer is relatively new and is not widely embraced by all cultures, so you’ll still see plenty of medieval weaponry. The new prominence of technology and hardware in Tyria is an important theme in Guild Wars 2, and the engineer allows us to explore that idea.

You can discuss the article with other fans over at Guild Wars 2 Guru!


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