Guild Wars 2: City of Lion's Arch Video

An update to the official ArenaNet blog brings us another great tale from Ree Soesbee. This time she writes about Lion's Arch and the changes it has gone through over the past 250 years since we first walked its' streets in Guild Wars:

First destroyed by the rise of the Elder Dragon Zhaitan, the ruins of Lion’s Arch were utilized as a safe harbor by ships looking to escape the horrors of the sea. The wreckage of old Lion’s Arch was slowly turned into a refuge for pirates, smugglers, and other independent vessels. Shantytowns were created, and as the waters slowly receded over the course of decades, a settlement formed that owed no allegiance to Kryta. This settlement was unified by a human named Cobiah Marriner, who fought against the scourge of Orr alongside charr, asura, norn, and any other race that would lend their vessels to the cause. Out of that staunch and allied front, the city of Lion’s Arch was reborn.

What rounds it up, however, is the stunning video of Lion's Arch attached to the blog post:



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