Guild Wars 2: The Legions of the Charr


It's the final day of Charr Week and that means another amazing blog entry from Ree Soesbee. Along with an interesting tale of an Ash Legion scout and Blood Legion warrior, Ree talks about the leaders of three charr legions -- Smodur the Unflinching of the Iron, Bangar Ruinbringer of the Blood and Malice Swordshadow of the Ash -- and the hierarchical structure as a race as well as from within each legion.

The true head of the charr nation is the Khan-Ur, considered the primus imperator. He ranks above the imperators of all four High Legions and coordinates all the armies of the charr. The last Khan-Ur was assassinated as the humans arrived in Tyria and drove the charr out of Ascalon. A few charr have tried to claim the title since then, but none has truly united the legions under one throne. Without a Khan-Ur, each of the four legions is led by separate imperators who hold supreme authority within their legion’s structure.

Charr Ranks

  • Khan-Ur: head of the charr nation
  • Imperator: commander of a legion - Iron, Blood, Ash, Flame
  • Tribune: primary commanders for the Imperator
  • Primus Centurion: only created if multiple Centurions are coordinating within an area
  • Centurion: commander of multiple warbands
  • Legionnaire: commander of one warband
  • Soldier: warband members

Additional Charr Ranks

  • Brevet: temporary field command
  • Quaestor: quartermaster
  • Scrapper: term for a warband on punishment duty
  • Primus: adult instructor at a fahrar
  • Gladium: a charr without a warband



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