Guild Wars 2: Creating the Charr Starter Area

Devon Carver, a member of the content design team for GW2, wrote in the ArenaNet blog about the design process of the charr starter area. We learn about the struggles encountered when faced with the task of designing an intuitive map for players that also authentically portrays the charr race. A lot of thought goes into the map design so that the environment will feel natural and have a logical association with its surroundings, and Carver explains some of the considerations:

First impressions are lasting impressions, and the first area you’ll encounter as a new charr player is the Village of Smokestead. We know that it has to be reflective of who the charr are and that it has to set the stage for the charr perspective on life. If you know anything about the charr, you know they love a good battle. But they are also at the forefront of technological advances in Tyria. It is important that a new player receives all of this information not just in the form of dialog, cutscenes, and text, but also from the environment and events that take place at the start of the game.

We know you can't wait to step into the world of the ferocious charr, but in the mean time, head over here to discuss today's latest information!


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