Guild Wars 2: Charr Week Begins


The start of Charr Week is here! The Charr is one of the five playable races that will be featured in the upcoming Guild Wars 2. Each day ArenaNet will let us in on new information about this class, so make sure you're checking back on GW2G and the ArenaNet blog for updates!

Here's the schedule of what's to come on the ArenaNet blog:

  • Monday: We learn about the Village of Smokestead.
  • Tuesday: Audio clips of charr chatter and a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how they bring ideas to life
  • Wednesday: Artists write about the visual design of the charr.
  • Thursday: video tour of the charr homeland and updates to
  • Friday: The life and lore behind charr and their society.

Read the full post on ArenaNet's blog, and then head on over here to discuss the newest info!


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