Guardians of Middle-Earth Battle Profile: Gandalf and Gollum

Warner Bros. has given us more to drool over for their upcoming MOBA Guardians of Middle-Earth, presenting us with new Guardians Gollum and Gandalf!  In the above video, the team profiles the two, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities.

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Gollum was once a kind of Hobbit, but the One Ring twisted his mind while giving him strength and abnormally long life.  Gandalf is an enchanter, wise enough to wield an Elven Ring of power.

What happens when Gandalf and Gollum find themselves going head-to-head? That all depends on you. Who will you command?

Read more in-depth about Gandalf and Gollum over at the official GoME blog and be sure to check out the GoME Wiki, your indispensable comprehensive reference written and maintained by the players, containing all known information about the game!


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