Forces of Nature DLC Launches Today in Gears of War 3

Epic Games has launched the fourth DLC content pack - Forces of Nature -  for their popular shooter, Gears of War 3, on Xbox 360.

Forces of Nature features three totally new battlefields - Cove, Aftermath, and Artillery, as well as two vintage maps that players of previous Gears of War games will recognize; Jacinto and Raven Down. All told, that's five additional maps to breathe new life into Gears of War 3's online multiplayer mode. The maps live up to their name of 'Forces of Nature' as players will have to contend with tsunamis, fog and snowstorms as they battle across these new maps. 

The DLC also include four new character models and seven new weapon skins to unlock. The weapon skins were designed based on direct feedback from the Gears of War community so expect something pretty exciting from those. The maps are live now on Xbox Live for 800 MSP or for free if you grabbed a Gears of War 3 Season Pass already.

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