Curse Levels Up With OP Community Building Tools for Streamers and Guild Leaders

A feature-packed redesign of the Curse app has gone live this week, giving hard-working community builders some much-needed tools for success. Guild and clan leaders, streamers, and soon YouTubers, can create havens for like-minded gamers to communicate and coordinate.  

Convenience is the name of the game, and the powerful app is upping the stakes. If you're already busy running a channel, you'll be happy to know you can leave the grunt work to Curse and free your time to concentrate on what matters most: your content. 

Let's say you're running a Twitch channel and you want a place for your fans to hang out. First, import them right into Curse; instant syncing allows you to bring in your subs, mods, and viewers to your own personal community server. Then, you can outfit your server with an endless combination of features and settings to make it exactly the way you want it -- no compromises necessary.

What kind of customization are we talking about? Well, all of it:

  • Stream in peace with a fully personalized Streamer Mode. You can hide voice session URLs, account information, identities, nicknames, sounds, and more to keep things quiet and private for you.
  • Delegate more and micromanage less: Hand over as much control as you want to your trusted advisers -- they can even be granted admin panel access!
  • Reward your loyal fans with loot, but leave the headache behind. Tailor your own giveaways with stipulations set by you or your designated giveaway runners.
  • Poll your community, or even ask the public for feedback on what matters to you. Or for what kind of takeout you should get tonight, and other extremely important decisions.
  • Alert fans with a notification and Live Now badge, complete with a direct link to your stream when you're ready to go live.
  • Discover new communities to be a part of, and use this feature to help grow your own audience by making it easier for like-minded gamers to find you.


All of this arrives on top of the already top-notch VOIP app you know and love, improved further by a redesigned Friend Sync area and a slew of quality-of-life fixes to make your gaming as no-fuss and enjoyable as possible. Best of all, you can take Curse everywhere you go with a fully-featured web client and mobile apps.

Ready to get started? Visit and join the party.


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