Introducing the Outcast Odyssey Wiki

Outcast Odyssey from Magic Pixel Games brings a new take on classic card battle games to mobile platforms. In it, you will explore strange new worlds, taking on challenging quests and fighting unimaginable dangers as you collect and evolve new cards to help you build the ultimate deck. 

We're excited to partner with Magic Pixel Games and Bandai Namco to announce the Outcast Odyssey Wiki. It'll be your one-stop spot to find all of the information you could ever need about the game; card types, different challenges, information on the world, the arena, etc. Once you delve in to the game, you'll be amazed by the breadth of content in the game - which you can learn a little bit about by reading past the break.

Outcast Odyssey is much more than a simple deck building card game. Designed specifically for touchscreens, you'll embark on an epic adventure to discover lost dungeons hidden deep on the floating islands of this mystical world. Throughout your travels you'll uncover frightening monsters to battle, and grow your deck to take on the tougher challenges that await. 

The game itself features turn-based RPG-like battles which call on you to plan your attacks and strategically strike at your foes. As you win more fights and your cards earn experience, you can evolve them to create more powerful iterations. You can use those evolved cards to continue on through the countless dungeons and battlefields in the game, and help you unlock the 600 cards hidden away in the world. 

Of course, what good is having a powerful deck if you can't show it off? Outcast Odyssey gives you many options to showcase the work you've put in to building your deck to others. You can work alongside your friends by joining a guild, or challenge them to a friendly duel. You can also take to the Arena, and test your skills against the very best from across the world! 

Outcast Odyssey is coming soon to both iOS and Android devices. In the meantime, you can learn more about the game by visiting our Outcast Odyssey wiki, which will expand and evolve over time as more content is contributed. Do you want to be a part of that? You can learn how by visiting our Help Wiki, which gives rundowns on how to edit all the wikis on our network.


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