'After Reset' Clears Its Kickstarter Goal


We recently announced that we had partnered with Black Cloud Studios to launch the official wiki for their upcoming post-apocalyptic role-playing game,After Reset. The game places you on an Earth after a devastating nuclear event, known as the 'Reset', has wreaked havoc much of the world. In the middle of this destruction and chaos, you find yourself alone and without any idea of who you are. You'll explore a dead world as you hunt for clues that will solve this mystery, while almost certainly stumbling onto many others. 

As part of their efforts, Black Cloud Studios launched a Kickstarter to help support the game. Their initial goal was $35,000, which the studio would use to create a DRM-free Prologue to be available on PC, Mac, and Linux by October 2014. Well, with just over one week remaining in their campaign (as of publish), they've not only reached their goal, but they've blown past it to the tune of $69,500-plus. And rising!

With eight days remaining, there are still a number of reasons why fans of post-apocalyptic RPGs like Fallout should take a look at After Reset. Keep reading to see what's in store for the game, and what perks the Kickstarter offers!

Not only have they secured the basic funding to produce the After Reset Prologue, but they've reached their "Level 2" Stretch Goal of producing an immersive cinematic intro. This cinematic will introduce players to the desolate wasteland that has Black Cloud Studios has crafted, giving you a brief glimpse of what you can expect moving forward. 

There are still two stretch goals that Black Cloud Studios hopes to meet in the coming weeks. Their "Level 3" goal, which they can achieve at $100,000 they can allow a Programmer, Writer, and Project Manager to focus on After Reset full-time - essentially doubling their efforts on the game. If the After Reset Kickstarter reaches its "Level 4" Stretch Goal of $168,000, you can expect to not only see the Prologue, but also the feature-complete first chapter of the game: "Kettaa Sogopeha." 

After Reset promises to bring back the deep and challenging role-playing experiences that made games like Planescape: Torment and Baldur's Gatelegendary. The game world is larger than both Fallout and Fallout 2 combined, with a non-linear story that will take you in countless directions and ensure that each playthrough can offer a different, exciting experience. 

The After Reset Kickstarter currently has eight days left. You can check out their Kickstarter page to learn more about how their combat and leveling mechanics will work, as well as see the many different perks that come with backing the project: digital copies of the game, additional in-game perks, physical collector's editions, inclusion in the game, etc. 

As the game continues to grow, you can expect to find more updates on our After Reset Wiki. If you'd like to help grow this or any other Wiki on our ever-expanding network, be sure to check out our Help Wiki to learn how you can become a Contributor.


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