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There was a time where only the most powerful desktop computers were capable of handling the vast worlds of your typical MMORPG. As time has progressed and technology has evolved, we've seen MMOs spread to our laptops, our game consoles, and now onto our tablets. Dawn of the Immortalsfrom Perfect World looks to set the standard for tablet MMO gaming, introducing players to a rich and vibrant world unlike anything you have ever seen. We're excited to roll out the official Dawn of the Immortals Wiki, which we think will serve as an invaluable tool for any serious MMO gamer.

Dawn of the Immortals is a Free-to-Play MMO that you can enjoy right on your iPad, and it features everything you would expect to find in any AAA MMO. You and your friends can embark on quests, and delve deep into dangerous dungeons where your group will battle against epic monsters that drop powerful weapons and other perks, like mounts and clothing. You will be able to select from a variety of classes and customize your skills to best match your personal playstyle. 

One of the big aspects of the game is the deep upgrade system. As you play you will unlock unique pets, earn deadly weapons, and durable armor. As you progress, you will be able to upgrade those weapons, pets, and even your mounts, evolving them and giving you an advantage over your foes. Once you've grown tired of your pet, or found a new weapon, you can place your old one on the in-game auction house - where other players can then buy it from you for in-game currency. This allows you to always have the absolute best gear so that you can hold your own and fend off the massive beasts that await you. 

You can download Dawn of the Immortals from the iTunes Store right now Android users will soon be able to join in - and we mean "join," as the game will support cross-platform play between all supported iOS and all supported Android devices! Want to learn more? Head over to the Official Dawn of the Immortals Wiki to discover everything you could ever hope to know about the game, and then consider becoming a Contributor and updating the wiki with your own information! You can do so by checking out our Help Wiki for more details.


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