Introducing the Elemental Kingdoms Wiki

With games like Star Trek Online and NeverwinterPerfect World Entertainment has long established itself as one of the premier Free-to-Play publishers out there. When they decided to make the bold step into the mobile market, they did so with Elemental Kingdoms, a deep and intense collectible card game that allows for play against both other players and the intelligent AI. There is a lot of information for players to track, and we've partnered with Perfect World to support the Elemental Kingdoms Wiki. Now you'll be able to look up every card and every challenge that awaits you. 

But the cards are just the beginning. Keep reading to learn more about what Elemental Kingdoms has to offer.

There are over 200 cards in Elemental Kingdoms, divided into the different classes: Forest, Mountain, Tundra, Swamp, and Special. These classes help you define your tactics and overall play style, as each class is especially strong against another, which naturally means that they're also especially weak against another. To aid your chosen creatures in combat, you are also able to enchant your cards and apply special runes. Each of these actions unlocks more powerful attacks, abilities, and other skills that you can use to beat your opponent into dust. 

While you have traditional casual and ranked PvP matches against other players, Elementa Kingdoms is unique in that it also provides you with a deep single-player experience. There are over 80 different stages to beat, with you unlocking more levels as you conquer each task. There are also 250 unique challenges, and by completing these and progressing through the stages you can unlock even more cards to add to your ever-growing deck! 

Elemental Kingdoms is available now on both iTunes Store and the Google Play Marketplace. The game is completely free, too, so you can jump right in and start playing once your download is complete. If you're already a fan of the game, or you find yourself quickly becoming one based on our recommendation, feel free to help our Official Wiki grow! You can learn all about adding and editing pages to the Elemental Kingdoms, and all the other wikis in our network, by checking out our Help Wiki.


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