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Renegade X, a first-person shooter from developer Totem Arts, has a bit of a history to it. You see, Renegade X is a fan-made remake of the cult classicCommand & Conquer: Renegade, the only game in the beloved Command & Conquer franchise to be released as a first-person shooter. With EA's blessing, a team of volunteer designers set out to recreate the underground hit with painstaking precision. Since then the game has evolved to not only stand as a faithful remake, but an evolution on what the original offered. 

So you can imagine how excited we are to announce that we've partnered with Totem Arts for the Official Renegade X Wiki! Keep reading to learn more about the game and how you can become a part of the free open beta.

Renegade X sets out to be the game that Command & Conquer: Renegade tried to be twelve years prior. At its core, the game is a 32-vs-32 multiplayer shooter where you will fight for one of two unique teams: one is the Global Defense Initiative (GDI), a military force commanded by the United Nations to keep the peace in an uncertain world. The other team is NOD, or the Brotherhood of Nod, who are religious fanatics pledging their fealty to the mysterious Kane. As part of these massive battles, you experience what it's like to play a real-time strategy - from the perspective of a ground unit. 

You're not only taking out the opposing team as you push your way across the battlefield, you're going after their buildings as well. But these buildings aren't just checkpoints in a deathmatch. They serve a vital purpose towards the in-game economy! How? Well, as you progress in a match you earn credits that can be used to buy different weapons, support items, spawn vehicles, or change your class. As you destroy the enemy team's base buildings, their options for spending credits and upgrading their units dwindles until one side can stomp over the other. 

Unless they have nuclear weapons, of course. 

In addition to building... well, "buildings," both teams can also pool their credits together to construct special weapons. You can build weapons that will bombard the enemy team with mortar fire, or the tools needed to call in an air strike, and of course there's the nuclear missile - a certain game changer. Combine all of this with the seven unique maps, and you're guaranteed that no two games are ever going to play out quite the same way. 

Renegade X is currently in open beta, and can be downloaded off of the game's official website. You can also find additional information on the different weapons, maps, vehicles, etc. that are in the game, you're invited to check out the official wiki. Of course, if you're already playing the game and see something is missing on the wiki, we invite you to become a contributor and help us round out this knowledgebase. Check out our Help Wiki to learn more.


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