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Indie studio Seederrant Studio has partnered with us for the Official Era For Guild Wiki at Gamepedia! Era For Guild is a 4X that is will be available for mobile devices and browsers. Currently in alpha, anyone interested in signing up can do so at Era For Guild's website. The 4X goals in Era For Guild are explore, exploit, extend and exterminate. In Era For Guild, you start off on your home planet, begin extracting resources from your base, building up new facilities and ships to eventually explore the universe and expand your empire!

Threes run in common in Era For Guild. There are three races, three materials and three main guilds. The three most powerful guilds make up an alliance called the Trinity. If your guild is one of the most powerful in the game, you, too, can earn Trinity status! Era For Guild doesn't have levels. Instead, you build up your defenses for your planets, expand their capacities and conquer new realms. Along the way, you'll run into others and you must choose whether they'll be friends or foes. You can form alliances or go to war and conquer your enemies as well.

Do you have what it takes to reach Trinity status? As new information regarding Era For Guild comes out, the Official Era For Guild Wiki always has room for new editors. Contributing is easy! We've recently gone over both editing existing pages and adding new ones in our new Help Wiki Highlights series, which is found in the Help Wiki, where you can learn how to become awesome at editing!


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