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Chaos, the 1985 cult classic published by Games Workshop is being brought back by its creator, Julian Gallop. Julian and Gallop Games have partnered with Gamepedia for the Official Chaos Reborn Wiki! Even with the game so early in its development stage, there is a working multiplayer prototype available. Chaos Reborn has just recently launched a Kickstarter campaign and it has been hugely successful so far! While there is a mode to allow you to relive classic Chaos, Chaos Reborn offers far more ways to enjoy nostalgia or have a completely new experience no matter how long you've been gaming.

The premise for Chaos Reborn is simple: be the last wizard standing in an arena of wizards. You play as a wizard, capable of summoning creatures and casting spells to both defend yourself and damage opponents. There are ways to discover new spells through collecting Spell Books, such as from rewards for winning battles or from purchasing them in towns and citadels. The more Spell Books you obtain, the more choices you have. In order to be able to utilize more of your arsenal at once, expanding your Spell Memory allows you to select more from you Spell Library before battles. Chaos Reborn will allow for offline play, but online multiplayer play with online rankings, a league system, tournaments and much more!

Have a look at their Kickstarter, which is full of really cool rewards. Maybe you want to become[backer_reward_id]=2423253&clicked_reward=true" target="_blank">the Wizard King? As more information becomes available as the game develops, the Official Chaos Reborn Wiki will need new contributors and editors to help out with keeping this wiki the best possible resource for the community. For anyone interested in lending a hand, the Help Wiki is the perfect resource to see how you can get started!


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