The Official Adventurer Manager Wiki, Now on Gamepedia

An upcoming game for iOS, Android and PC, Adventurer Manager is part RPG and part management sim. We've partnered with VA Studios, the indie studio with Vigilant Addiction, for the Official Adventurer Manager Wiki! Whether you choose to adventure on a mobile device or PC, the land of Adventura awaits you! Adventurer Manager has recently become Greenlit on Steam by the community and is in its alpha testing phase. Enjoy a game with stylized pixel art and an original, unique soundtrack for your adventures!

As the orphaned heir to the throne, you decide to fulfill your destiny to reclaim your kingdom. In order to do so, you must gather adventurers throughout your world, help out various races and reunite your kingdom. Miraj, an evil illusionist, has killed your parents, the king and queen. In order to successfully overthrow him, you and your assortment of brave adventurers head out on adventures together. Each adventure grants you more loyalty from what was once your parents' kingdom. Once they have banded together with you as their leader, you can finally take on Miraj and win back your kingdom!

What better way to head off on your adventures than with the official wiki on your side? While out adventuring, don't forget that if you find missing or incorrect information on the wiki, you can help keep this the best possible community resource by contributing. Not sure how you can contribute? Take a look at the Help Wiki for ideas and tutorials!


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