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Aiming for that nostalgic joy from games we love, Heart & Slash is a classic brawler with roguelike elements and unlimited replayability. To celebrate with aheartfullofgames and Heart & Slash's successful Kickstarter campaign, we're excited that the Official Heart & Slash Wiki is now available at Gamepedia! Missed the Heart & Slash Kickstarter? You can still pre-order the game directly through aheartfullofgames and also help them become Steam Greenlit by voting for Heart & Slash!

As Heart, you are a robot in a post-human world where you and other robots just go through the motions you were programmed to you long, long ago. The only thing you and other robots have to answer to is QuAsSy, your omnipotent robot leader, who's job is to ensure everything fits ancient quality standards. Your story truly begins when you realize that you prefer self-identity over protocols, and you're willing to fight for what you want! With tons of weapons and robot body parts, your combinations are endless. In addition, each new game is completely different from what you've previously been offered. Enjoy short, brutal levels that put fun in gaming without consuming your time!

Heart & Slash is working on stretch goals through funding earned through its site; stretch goals that could lead to certain fun and mayhem like alternative bosses in game! Want to keep up who makes the final cut? The Official Heart & Slash Wiki is the perfect place to read the latest news. For anyone who wants to lend a hand as a contributor, have a look at the Help Wiki to see how you can get started!


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