The HinterLands Official Wiki at Gamepedia!

We've teamed with Ackmi to bring The HinterLands Official Wiki to Gamepedia! Currently in its alpha stage, The HinterLands will be available for Android mobile devices and is a sandbox game in the manner of Terraria and Minecraft. It features both solo play and multiplayer over wifi, free building and character customization. Ackmi is releasing The HinterLands in its alpha stage to gain direct feedback from the community regarding what it wants to see in the game. So far, they have plans to add more traditional RPG features.

You start out waking up in the middle of a forest with just a few tools to help you out. It is up to you to begin gathering resources so you can build and defend yourself from the wilds. From there, you begin venturing further out for more resources to build even greater objects. Upcoming additions to the game include new character models with more choices, an advanced combat system, more mobs both hostile and docile, water with physics, and farming.

To help The HinterLands in its development stage, pick up a copy from the Google Play Store. To help with the official wiki, have a look at the wiki's help page for a brief overview. For advanced wiki help and for tutorials, the Help Wiki goes more in-depth. Everyone is encouraged and welcome to become a contributor for all of their favorite games' wikis.


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