The Official Life is Feudal Wiki: Now on Gamepedia!

This week, Gamepedia gives a welcome to its newest Official Wiki for the exciting Medieval Hardcore Sandbox MMO titled Life is Feudal Life is Feudal is an exciting new take on both the idea of the sandbox and MMO genres featuring full and unlimited terraforming abilities, a huge persistent world that is 100% available to be built upon and modified by the player, extensive skill and crafting systems, as well as much more! We've been hard at work getting thousands of pages of information about the skills, items, crafting systems, and more ready on this wiki and are happy to invite our community to join us on the project.

 Life is Feudal promises to breathe new life into these genres. The game's team says that all of the following are possible things to keep you occupied as you journey through this beautiful and dynamic world:

  • Dig a tunnel in nearby mountain to find ore deposits
  • Build furnaces, bloomeries and forges to smelt ore and craft metal tools, weapons and armor
  • Call your friends to cut down trees around your shack to create a village and your own Realm later
  • Wage a war with a neighbouring realm
  • Establish a siege camp, cover it with palisade walls and start making weapons of war (trebuchets, battering rams, mantlets)
  • Become a King of your own Kingdom with vassal realms and fill your treasury with tributes/taxes they pay you
  • Build a jousting grounds in your city and call for a world wide jousting tournament
  • And infinitely more!

What you won't be able to do is worry about hitting a level cap, because there are no levels in this entirely skill-driven world. The entire game has been designed to ensure complete freedom, so long as you've built up the skills you need to survive!

The Life is Feudal team, led by Vladimir aka "Bobik", is hard at work preparing for their upcoming Alpha and Beta tests, with a full release slated for later in 2014. If you're interested in trying this game out when testing begins, be sure to register at their site and join in on the forums!

As this game becomes available to try out, the wiki is ready and waiting for you! If you're interested in becoming a contributor, please see the Life is Feudal Help Page. There is also the new Gamepedia Help Wiki for more in-depth tutorials and contribution tips and the wiki community may also be found in IRC.


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