The Official Ever, Jane Wiki!

The newest official wiki at Gamepedia is set in the thrilling realm of Jane Austen. We are excited to announce our partnership with 3 Turn Productions for the Official Ever, Jane Wiki! Ever, Jane is unlike any MMO that exists. 3 Turn has taken the basic rules and functions we are all used to, such as raids, and have given them a unique twist! Ever, Jane has all of the features you would expect from a modern MMO, but these features are changed to be ones that fit so well into the world this creative MMO exists in.

Set in a world where you trade gossip rather than fight, Ever, Jane takes the little used MMO feature of diplomacy and makes that the shining star which is the basis for everything that happens within its world. Rather than raids, you attend grand balls. Dinner parties take the place of dungeon crawls. Instead of flexing your combat know-how to build your reputation as a player, you rely on invites to social gatherings. Quests are based on a gossip system, which allows players to creatively unfold story lines within the game.

Interested in helping out with the official wiki for this innovative MMO? Every wiki hosted at Gamepedia is community driven and new contributors are always welcome! The Help Wiki has tools and tutorials for you to be as successful of a contributor as possible. You can always find Gamepedia staff and fellow community members in our IRC channels, as well!


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