Free Realms Introduces Farming

Sony Online Entertainment has a message for 'kill-ten-rats' and all those collection quests: your days are numbered -- at least in Free Realms. The popular free-to-play, family-friendly game has a new feature, which will allow players to set up their own farm to grow crops.

Don't mistake this as Farmville, though. Farming in Free Realms will take place in the same 3D world as the rest of the game. Players will receive a new instance called 'Wilds Farm' where they'll be able to plant seeds to grow crops.

To cultivate your farm you'll need to head out into the Free Realms world and harvest crops found in each zone, converting them into seeds which can then be planted at your farm.

Helping you along the path to becoming a successful farmer are various tools which will allow you to keep your farm clear of weeds, obstacles and those annoying pests looking to devour your plants.

You'll also be able to play mini-games to convert harvested crops into coin, or head over to the Farmers Market and trade them in for rewards. And if you're feeling especially lucky, give the Farm-O-Matic machine a try in an effort to create hybrid crops.

Farming is available in Free Realms now, for both the PC and the Mac.






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