What's Coming For FreeRealms This Summer From the SoE Fan Faire!

The SoE FanFaire convention had some excellent news about the future of their massively successful title FreeRealms! This summer FreeRealms will see the addition of a new mini-game; soccer. Soccer will allow several players to play together and compete on a soccer field with excellent goal-scoring moves, ball handling, slide-steals, and more. The announcement of the soccer mini-game also coincides with several other FreeRealms additions expected this summer.

Other additions include a new desert zone that will be one of the largest releases for FreeRealms to date. The game will also receive a new race, dwarves, and a massive game-play expansion for players who enjoy Demo Derby and Cart Driving! Players will also be pleasantly surprised later this year when they'll be able to take their in game avatar and put it on a physically playable card used for the FreeRealms trading card game!

During the event tonight it was announced that the game has officially hit 4 million registered users and is continuing to grow!

We've set up and are nearing the launch of our Free Realms Wiki fansite dedicated to bringing people the most current information available for FR! If you haven't had a chance to check the game out there's no better time! Join 4 million registered users and see what all the fuss is about!


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