Free Realms Free To Play From SOE Has Launched!

Free Realms Launch

Free Realms is a new MMO title from SOE  that is part of our F2P portal! The game is officially releasing today as chefs, ninjas, and racecar drivers across the world rejoice! If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet head over to and start playing!

More About FR

Free Realms allows players to engage in jobs and trade skills previously unheard of in MMORPG games; racecar driver and professional chef just to name a few! The game has a "do anything" style of gameplay which lets players get away from linear quest lines and spend more time on social interactions and developing their character how they want. Players can also engage in the Free Realms trading card game in which players can actively trade and play cards with their friends while being logged into the game. Pets are also something you'll find in FR, and lots of them. Each pet is customizable by the owner, and there are several pet training grounds to equip and teach your pet anything you can imgine

There are currently 8 environmental settings in which to play, each with their own theme, creatures, and NPC's to explore! You're also able to customize your character and their clothing. There are currently over 30,000 wearable combinations in clothing!


Here's a list of features available to Free Realms Players:

  • Play Free or Upgrade: At its heart, Free Realms™ is free to play, but players who want to break through to the next level can purchase a monthly membership for only $4.99 USD. Members and free players can purchase a variety of items through micro-transactions.
  • Rich Character Creation: With over 30,000 wearable combinations, you can blend fantasy and reality to create your perfect avatar.
  • Be Whoever You Want: Be a ninja one minute and a kart driver the next! With fifteen jobs available at launch, you can find your perfect job, or try them all! Member Jobs available at launch include: wizard, blacksmith, medic, archer and warrior. Free Jobs include: ninja, brawler, chef, miner, demolition derby driver, kart driver, card duelist, adventurer, postman, and pet trainer.
  • Kid-Safe: Parental controls allow for the customization of safety options, including pre-canned chat, reporting and filters for younger players.
  • Fun for Everyone: With so much to do and see it’s easy to find something for you!  Start by playing one of 14 different styles of minigames like cooking, kart racing, mining, demolition derby and music conducting. The action doesn’t stop there, as there are over 460 quests for everyone with an additional 240 available to Members.  Even though combat is optional, there are 80 free battles and 15 additional Members Only battles—plenty of action for those eager to fight fierce creatures!
  • Vibrant, Deep Environment: Eight distinct, unique and breathtaking environments for gamers to explore for launch.  Areas include the snowcapped mountain villages of Snowhill, the dark and mysterious Blackspore, and real fun in the sun at Seaside.
  • Connect with Friends: Whether you’re meeting up with old friends or finding new ones, Free Realms™ lets players stay connected through its social networking page. Just log in, see what your friends have been up to, click their avatars and join them in the game!
  • Trading Card Game: The Free Realms™ Trading Card Game will let players pit a variety of fun characters and creatures against one another in fun, fast-paced combat. Half the game is collecting new cards, to arm yourself with the best line up of attacks and defenses. You can even prove your might in online tournaments!

Free Realms Videos

Here's two videos from Free Realms:

Free Realms Seaside Zone

Free Realms Endless Possibilities


Character Screenshots

There are currently four character types: Human Male, Human Female, Pixie Male, and Pixie Male.
We've got a few unique screenshots from the character creation process showcasing these different character types:



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