Forsaken World: Nightfall Expansion Launched

An expansion has been released today for Forsaken World, announced Perfect World Entertainment.  Nightfall is the largest expansion to date for the free-to-play fantasy MMO, and offers new lands, dungeons, quests, and revamped game modes. 

In celebration of the launch event, a rare phantom pet has been added to the game, and players above level 40 who log in between now and April 1, 2012 will be given the Phantom Orb Chance Box free of charge! 

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"We have worked around the clock to make sure the Nightfall expansion provides our players with the most substantial amount of content possible," said Clifton Chu, Product Manager, Perfect World Entertainment. "With the addition of flying mounts and the ability to augment their talents via the Soul Power system, Nightfall gives both die-hard players and new fans something extra special to look forward to."

The new content has players vying for the attention and favor of Shylia as they brave new lands and dungeons - here's some backstory:

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Ancient scrolls tell of a long lost fortress in the sky called Nightfall Citadel in which the most powerful and favored warriors would gather to be closer to the gods. After the Second Nino War the gods not only withdrew themselves from the world, but they also took this sacred land with them as well, granting no favors for the children they left behind.

The citadel has appeared once again, and word is quickly spreading that this marks the sign of the gods’ approval. With the most recent victories over the corruption of Sleeping Jungle and the halt of the advance from the Aeon Spire, the Lionheart Warriors have once again gained the glory and favor of the gods.

What secrets lie in this new undiscovered domain? What plans do the gods have for their lost children? Welcome, to the Nightfall Requiem.

For more information about the Forsaken World: Nightfall expansion and to play right now for free, visit:


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