Help Fantasy TPS 'Forge' to the Finish Line on Kickstarter

Forge, currently in its Alpha stage and playable at PAX this weekend, blends MMO abilities with shooter controls in a seamless and artful setting.  In this class-based multiplayer combat game, accessibility is emphasized - everyone stays on the same gear levels, making skill and strategy the only determiner of outcome in fights. 

Step into the role of the Assassin, Pathfinder, Pyromancer, Shaman or Warden (and soon Ravager) and dominate your opponents in a variety of gameplay modes.

Skill is what counts
No tab targeting. Movement is no longer on rails: Block an incoming attack by (crazy idea) blocking. No one you meet will have an advantage over you due to time spent or gear acquired. Stuns, interrupts, heals and protection, all of these tools are at your disposal, but their success is completely dependent on your skill in using them.

Zero Grind
Nothing is worse than a friend noticing a game you’re playing and mentioning they’d love to play it with you, only to find they have months of grinding to max level ahead of them before they can even begin the months of grinding the best gear that they need to be an effective partner. The endless treadmill of “win new gear! Why? So you can win more gear later!” just isn’t compelling enough. We’ll give you a reason to progress, but for customization, not power increases. The grind is dead. You’re just as powerful on your first login as you will be on your last, but with ever increasing, equally powerful options to choose from.

Because we’re not designing a massive, open world game where you may encounter 50 to 100 other players at a time, we’re able to focus on high quality art assets from the very beginning without bringing your machine to its knees. FORGE is beautiful, in every last detail, and thanks to the scale of combat, none of this detail is compromised.

The team plans on evolving the world constantly after release, adding territorial conquest modes, new classes, abilities, maps, gameplay modes, and AAA features.  The price will be indie-low, with donators above $15 receiving their very own copy of the game ahead of the official release date.  Other support tiers offer alpha and beta access, years of free DLC, and VIP founder perks!

Regarding the Alpha preview key, you get that as soon as you donate!  Someone from the team will manually generate you a key and let you check out this early buld of the face-punching fest.

Heard enough yet?  Want to make sure this happens and give your support?  Head to the Forge Kicktarter Project Page, check out some gameplay videos and other info, and help them towards their $300,000 goal!  They're only five days away with quite a meter to fill up, so they'll surely appreciate any support. 

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