Firefall, Fighting, Food, and Fun at PAX

If you're following Firefall as it creeps closer to release this year, you're in for a treat! At PAX East 2013, the development team is streaming the game live starting at 10 AM PST. If you're at the conference, they're in room 105 -- there's even food available! 

Red 5 Studios will be revealing new dynamic events and encounters available in the closed beta, new Chosen invasion siege mechanics and much more.

Following the press conference, there will be a special stream of Firefall Live on-location answering community questions and discussing the new milestone. Red 5 Studios and Razer will also be giving away high-end Razer gear to lucky community members during the livestream.

If you don't have beta access currently, consider getting yourself a Founders Pack to gain immediate access and several in-game perks as a reward for supporting the game as it blossoms into being.

With both an open-world cooperative campaign and competitive multiplayer components, the game is sure to make a splash - especially since it's also free-to-play.  For more on Firefall, you'll definitely want to check out


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