Firefall Beta Event Kicking Off This Weekend

We're coming up on another Firefall Beta Weekend Event: Population Control, complete with a key giveaway and event coverage!

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The “wildlife” population across New Eden continues to grow, and the more violent species are becoming a threat to the way of life in Copacabana. Work alongside other players to thin the herd and keep the citizens safe.

From November 30th until December 2nd, you'll be able to log in and test out some of the game's features.  Haven't heard of Firefall?  Let's run down what it's all about:

In Firefall, Earth has been plunged into a dark age known as the Nine Year Winter, a direct result of an asteroid colliding with Earth - an asteroid that was predicted by astronomers to be a 'near miss'.  A substance known as crystite is discovered in the planet, allowing factions to generate nearly unlimited amounts of power. Events proceed and eventually the Arclight is built. This is a massive ship, sustained by two crystite reactors, nearly the size of an entire city.

The Arclight was the result of a collaboration from nearly every world power, but its maiden voyage couldn't have gone more wrong. As the Arclight began to "fold space" in its journey, something went wrong and a massive tear was rent in the fabric of the universe, creating the Melding - a giant energy storm that is pouring out of the rift and transforming all life it comes in contact with.

If you don't have beta access currently, head to our Firefall key giveaway or consider getting yourself a Founders Pack to gain immediate access and several in-game perks as a reward for supporting the game as it blossoms into being.

With both an open-world cooperative campaign and competitive multiplayer components, the game is sure to make a splash - especially since it's also free-to-play.  For more on Firefall, you'll definitely want to check out  More details on our event coverage will be announced later - be sure to stay tuned to Curse!


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