Firefall Developer Diary Discusses World Building

Red 5 Studios has released a brand new, in-depth developer diary that discusses the work that went into building the game world that players will enjoy in Firefall, their upcoming massively mutliplayer FPS.

Red 5 Studios' world builders Nick Keither and Bobby Ross take us on a tour of the game world in this latest developer diary. Firefall, like PlanetSide 2, boasts a large, sprawling map that players will come to explore and fight inside of in the game. The game world is incredibly large, but the jetpack system that Red 5 has incorporated into Firefall makes traversing great distances much more enjoyable then hoofing around the map might have been on foot. 

One of the things we thought was neat is how PvP maps are actually built right into the game world itself. Players can visit a city on the coast of the game world that has been built specifically for PvP purposes. There is an arena where PvP matches are able to take place as well, right there in the city.

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