Red 5 Studios Releases Firefall Developer Diary Video

Red 5 Studios is hard at work perfecting their upcoming MMOFPS Firefall, but CEO Mark Kern has taken the time out of their undoubtedly busy schedule to put together an insightful developer diary.

In the video, embedded above, Kern discusses the various aspects of Firefall including both the PvE content and the vast PvP offering. On the side of PvP, Firefall has a very deep offering. On one hand, you can have massive battles featuring potentially hundreds of players fighting together in one game world while on the other hand, you can get into some more controlled environments with 5 v 5 or up to 15 v 15. This is where Firefall's strong esports presence begins. At the heart of these modes, players can join matches with their clans including their own clan name and logo to compete in automated ladder tournaments in Firefall's PvP.

The developer diary is a must-watch for fans who are eagerly awaiting Firefall. Check the video out above, and drop by for more information!


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