Final Fantasy XIV: Legacy and Welcome Back Campaigns Announced!

Today, Square Enix announced the Legacy and Welcome Back campaigns for both current and retired Final Fantasy XIV players.

The Legacy Campaign will be available to players who have had an active subscription for at least 90 days between January 6, 2012 and the game’s upcoming 2.0 beta testing. Players who are eligible will take advantage of a lowered monthly subscription rate of $9.99, an in-game mount come the release of 2.0, and a place in the game’s credits.

In contrast, the Welcome Back Campaign is geared towards players who hold inactive accounts. Providing a 10-day window to play for free (May 9-20), returning players will not only get to experience the new additions made to the game made in Patch 1.21, but will also be privy to new content slated to be released in Patch 1.22!

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