Komoto Regarding the Future

Beta is gone. Forever. Well until PS3 has its own. Needless to say beta is in a better place for now. But from its ashes rises a glorious and awe-inspiring release client. It's harder, better, faster, and stronger than beta, and it can totally beat you in arm wrestling.

Thus GAME Watch recently sat down with director Nobuaki Komoto and battle planner Atsushi Okada to discuss the end of beta and the impending release.

Translated by Savalithos of

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Left: Director Komoto; Right: Battle planner Okada.

GW: How’s beta coming along?

DK: I finally managed to get some time to log in a play for a bit and even secretly partied up with players. For every part of the game that we’re pleased with, there’s one we’re still not quite happy with yet. There are still things to fix, so we’re continuing adjustments.

There were things we kind of expected would be met with criticism. We realized we weren’t touching base with the community enough, so we’re in talks with management about how to remedy that.

GW: From what we heard at the CEDEC presentation, it looks like the development team is kept extremely busy.

DK: I’m usually focused on solving the problem right in front of me, so I guess I’ve stopped noticing how busy we are.

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