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Heya folks! Welcome to a special version of the "Weekly Wrap-up", the last one releasing before the 22nd! Are you as excited as I am? The game is just around the corner and though there have been varying opinions over the course of September I'm sure most of us are just bursting with anticipation and are ready to finally tackle the game in truth, forging ahead to see what awaits us within Eorzea.

Recent Highlights

We've also had quite a few interesting community discussions pop up. Here's but a select few from our community:

Today's featured blog posts:

From Eorzea, With Love
Want to send us a FFXIV screenshot for our weekly newsletter and wrap-up?
 Send 'em over to our hard working gobbie over at gobbiebag and each week we'll choose a few favorites!

Asuran Armbands?
A lot of our members are worried and wondering about the Asuran Armbands item and with release around the corner we thought we could clear a few things up.

Firstly, the armband is obtained through a card slip with a code found in PS3 versions of Final Fantasy XIII and even then they are only found in the first print of the game (so trying to get it now may be difficult). To activate the code you must go to and create an account/log in (I believe for EU it's ). Register the game with the code and you will be emailed your (separate) promotion code.

Lost the code? Didn't get the email? Your rubber duck won't float? Don't panic! You can retrieve your code by going to this page once you are logged into your members account: http://member.square...ialcode/ps3.php .

There's also a bunch of information there, so you should read it. For EU, I have no idea where you can go to check your code. Sorry! PM me if you find out.

Lastly, you can register the code presumably during the registration process of FFXIV, likely at the same place where you will register your helmet or goggles once the game launches (will likely have a section for it in your SE account page where you register FFXIV at release).

The Wiki & Moderation 
The wiki has been an ongoing work in progress, but we've made many large leaps and bounds and will continue to improve it the best we can. You can help! As the game releases and time passes, we'll be looking towards the community to help add content. We appreciate the assistance!

We'll also be adding more staff members to both our moderation and wiki team over the coming months to ensure our wiki continues to grow and our boards are properly maintained. Look forward to it!

The tutorials section is the place to go for walkthroughs on crafting, gameplay mechanics, and those pesky faction leves, among other things! Help the community out by sharing your knowledge, or take a glance at what other members have written for your viewing pleasures.

Together as a community we can truly make our tutorial section something to be impressed about, so after you've dipped your feet next week give it a shot!

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Well ladies and gentlemen that's it for the wrap-up! See you next time!


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