Gridania & Garlemald Overview

The Knot
Nestled along the Black Tea Brook, the Knot is a central hub for Gridania and houses many useful facilities such as the chocobo stables and the airship docks. Being nearly the same distance from either of the two main gates the Knot serves as an integral social location and features a large flow of traffic, making it a popular meeting place for preparing adventurers.

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Nophica's Altar

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Acorn Orchard
Located just beyond the Oak Atrium, the Acorn Orchard is a child's paradise filled with balancing logs, snakewalks, and opo-opo bars. The orchard was originally created by the Carpenters' Guild to serve as a playground for the children of Gridania, many of which are orphans. It has also been a long-held policy of the Carpenters' Guild to educate the children of Gridania in the various properties and grains of wood through daily play.

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Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre
The mythic amphitheater was built through the coin of the Miqo'te minstrel Mih Khetto as a gesture to her home nation of Gridania. A popular venue of the commonfolk, especially for Gridania's famous festivals, the amphitheater is well known for the surrounding trees and nearby pond that patrons claim grant incredible acoustics which lend a richness and beauty to song and dance unlike any other stage in Eorzea.

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