Making of Eorzea #7, Solutions on Version Update Issues

Eorzea ― The Making of a Realm #7


Posted by Square Enix on the Final Fantasy XIV Beta Site. Also to note is that we have a Technical Support forum which has a lot of different solutions as well.

Solutions on Issues that Occur During the Version Update


We would like to take this moment to provide solutions on the issues that could occur during the version update.

- Progress bar stops at certain point during the version update There is a possibility where version update data download have failed. If there is no change on progress bar for more than 20 minutes, please shut down FINAL FANTASY XIV Beta Version and restart the game.

- Version update progresses slowly/Time out occurs during the version update If the number of remote connections remains to be 0, there is a possibility where UPnP settings are not correct. By adjusting UPnP settings, version update may progress faster. Please refer to the following and make adjustments.

Windows XP:
1. From the Control Panel, select “Network Connections” -> from the toolbar, select “Advanced” -> then select “Optional Networking Components…”
2. Select “Network Services” -> choose “Details.”
3. Check the “UPnP User Interface” box and select OK.

Windows Vista:
1. From the Control Panel, select “View network status and tasks” -> in the “Sharing and Discovery” box change the “Network Discovery” setting to “Turn on network discovery” and select “Apply”.
2. From the Control Panel, select “Additional Options” -> then choose “Security” from the left tab. Select “Allow a program through Windows Firewall”
3. Select the “Exceptions” tab, and in the “Program or port” box, check the “Network Discovery” box. Finally, select “Apply” and then “OK.”

Windows 7:
UPnP is enabled under Windows 7 default settings. Unless you have previously changed these settings, no setup is required.

Above instructions are for setting adjustments on Windows. In case you are using network router, you may also need to adjust the UPnP settings on network router as well. If the version update does not progress properly even after you make an adjustment on Windows, please review the settings on network router.



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